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При цитировании ссылка на сайт обязательна, ПЕРЕПОСТ ЗАПРЕЩЕН

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Как поведенческая оптометрия может раскрыть потенциал Вашего ребенка
autism4us wrote in autism4us_ru
"How Behavioral Optometry Can Unlock Your Child's Potential

Identifying and Overcoming Blocks to Concentration, Self-Esteem and School Success with Vision Therapy
Visual dysfunctions can limit children's concentration, self esteem and school success as they struggle to understand fundamentals such as colors, letters and how to judge distance. With the right help, these obstacles can be overcome, allowing children to reach their full potential and see the world clearly.

This accessible book explores how visual problems develop and how they can be reversed through effective and efficient visual therapy. It breaks down myths surrounding visual dysfunction and explains in straightforward terms the various conditions that could be impacting a child's perception, even if they have perfect sight. The visual therapy used in behavioral optometry retrains the brain to perform visual skills more effectively. In these pages there is clear guidance on the array of therapies, techniques and aids available, all of which can make a profound difference to a child's life.

This introductory guide to behavioral optometry will be a welcome resource for parents and professionals in search of options to help a child who is experiencing visual problems.

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Спасибо! Нам это очень актуально. Вот только не водятся пока на родных просторах оптометристы...

А почитать? И визуальная дискриминация, и плюс гимнастика для глаз - см. Психокоррекция Воробьевой и Сафроновой и упражнения Архипова.

Мне французский оптометрист сказала, что их упражнения хуже, чем Архиповские.

Спасибо за наводку, посмотрю обязательно.

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