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При цитировании ссылка на сайт обязательна, ПЕРЕПОСТ ЗАПРЕЩЕН

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Коммуникация: Выбор (компьютерная программа)
autism4us wrote in autism4us_ru
Communicate: By Choice

"The program uses the new Rebus colour symbols to provide diverse and motivating learning experiences. Activities are supported by a full range of feedback in the form of speech, sound and animation to encourage progress.

It includes many ready made activities covering a range of educational topics. You can also create your own, either from scratch or using a simple template editor.

Suitable for whiteboards, touch monitors, mouse or switch.

You can use any of the extensive colour or black and white Widgit Rebus Symbols, the additional pictures and symbols supplied with Communicate: In Print 2, or add your own clip art or photographs."

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